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Preparing for Growth

  • Expand and improve Nashville's Mass-Transit system to allow less headache and improving everyone's valuable time.
  • Develop and improve local roadways, bridges, and power supplies to carry forth Nashville's Growth.

Financing our Future

  • Impose higher equality: Equal Opportunity for all individuals.
  • Support investing in our public safety department to ensure safer neighborhood communities in all of Nashville.

Re-New Education

  • As a father with children, I have experienced the Nashville Public School System firsthand, and I support neighborhood community school systems.
  • I also support the reduction in grade and classroom size so that students with individual needs can be met.

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Crime Reduction and Public Safety has become one of my Top Priorities when elected Mayor. It has spun out of control, and needs help being restored to an orderly fashion.

Nashville's Finances

Budgeting and Accountability should always be transparent to the taxpayers and is not something that should be a secret. As a citizen of Nashville, I have had too many concerns about what exactly tax payers money is contributing to and who is making the decisions.


I have two children, one that completed an education in the Nashville Public School District, and one that partially was in the Public School platform. I removed my son from the Public School System here in Nashville because he was simply being pushed along without any help. There was no one helping him in his educational path, and was sending him down a path of false grades and knowledge.

Transportaion and Infrastructure

Currently, the lead priority in Nashville is obviously Bicycle Lanes and Sidewalks. How can a city expect to relieve traffic issues if we are focusing on everything but the roads themselves?

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