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Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Downtown Nashville looks like constant Spring Break Gone Wild movie. There is a lack of Law Enforcement to assist neighborhoods in Nashville causing crime rates to not get any better. All services that are needed to be provided to Nashville citizens, aka the Tax Payers of Nashville, are nonexistent due to the constant events that cause an increase of presence needed in the immediate Downtown/Broadway area. Millions of dollars are going unaccounted for, and secret deals to sell off the cities assets must end and hold those who are accountable. At this rate, this is not good for Nashville, and changes must be made.

  • Address and Organize the budget for Law Enforcement
  • Have a better hold on events Downtown, and tourists.
  • Create youth centers that will target at-risk youth in order to set them on the right path.
  • Create a better relationship with Law Enforcement and the surrounding Nashville Communities.

Committee to Elect Jody Ball
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